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Posted by Someone

Adwords and Keywords 2.00 (Size: 0.839 Mb)  Adwords and Keywords 2.00
Posted by Someone on 21.11.06Buy Cheap software
Adwords and Keywords 2.00 info: words & Keywords is a powerful adwords and keywords analyzer for affiliate marketers or anyone who wants to advertise on Overture and Google.
It helps you instantly uncover targeted keywords with high search volume and very little competition. Fast and detailed!
Adwords & Keywords also allows you export the search result to HTML/CSV format files. And the unique Pop Keywords feature'll make you to be the very first advertiser!
Additionally, the integrated AdWords Editor an...

AudioFileHandler 2.6 (Size: 4.890 Mb)  AudioFileHandler 2.6
Posted by Someone on 07.11.06Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
AudioFileHandler 2.6 info: AudioFileHandler will help you to administer and change audio files and their tags.
You can assemble all files that you want to work with in the data list. You can carry out all basic tasks here. For playing of the audio files, AudioFileHandler uses your installed player....

Truly Random 1.48 (Size: 0.955 Mb)  Truly Random 1.48
Posted by Someone on 05.11.06Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Truly Random 1.48 info: Truly Random is fulfilling all you random needs! Truly Random uses high quality pseudo random generator or true random numbers from a sound card.
Truly Random is a software that generate passwords and numbers.
By using the mask feature you can configure you random string or number very precisely, you may even generate lotto numbers.
You can also automatically remove duplicate random strings or numbers, save to file, copy passwords to the clipboard, generate pronounceable passwor...

Audio File Handler 2.4 (Size: 4.922 Mb)  Audio File Handler 2.4
Posted by Someone on 28.09.06Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Audio File Handler 2.4 info: AudioFileHandler enables you to administer and change audio files and their tags, create and administer play lists, show the songtext synchronized to the played song, create links between audio files, text files, pictures, videos, or any other file types and with that put those files into a memorable context....

HandyCrypto 3.0.267 (Size: 1.016 Mb)  HandyCrypto 3.0.267
Posted by Someone on 28.09.06Buy Cheap software
HandyCrypto 3.0.267 info: HandyCrypto lets you hide folders and encrypt files with on-the-fly AES encryption. Just create one or more encrypted secure folders from local folders and move your sensitive files into the specified folder and they will be encrypted/decrypted in real-time.
You can work with the files as usual, and when you're done, lock the secure folder, which will store the files securely and also hide the entire folder from view. Additional features include a password-protect interface, suppor...

Privacy and Registry Cleaner 1.2 (Size: 1.005 Mb)  Privacy and Registry Cleaner 1.2
Posted by Someone on 26.08.06Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 @ Down Cd`s
Privacy and Registry Cleaner 1.2 info: Privacy and Registry Cleaner is a safe and easy-to-use privacy protection utility, that allows you to erase common Internet and computing tracks, including browser cache, cookies, visited websites, typed URLs, recent documents, index.dat files and more.
You can also easily erase the tracks of up to 100 popular applications. It also includes an option to overwrite deleted data multiple times, so it cannot be easily recovered. The cookie cleaning feature allows you to specify which c...

PC Sound Recorder and Editor WMA 1.05 (Size: 8.227 Mb)  PC Sound Recorder and Editor WMA 1.05
Posted by Someone on 13.08.06Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
PC Sound Recorder and Editor WMA 1.05 info: The Sound Recorder and Editor is a simple tool to use to convert your recordings to your computer, for example cassette to WAV, MP3 or WMA files on your computer, these files can then be recorded onto CD using your favourite CD Recording Software......

Handy Recovery 3.0 (Size: 0.878 Mb)  Handy Recovery 3.0
Posted by Someone on 13.08.06Cheap software
Handy Recovery 3.0 info: Handy Recovery is a data recovery software designed to restore accidentally lost files. The program supports FAT 12/16/32, NTFS and NTFS 5 + EFS file systems.
It shows probability of successful recovery for each file. This utility can recover files from deleted and formatted partitions or create disk images for deferred recovery. It also features in-depth disk scanning for certain file types. File filtering by name, mask, date and size is available....

Hando Video Converter Pro 2.5 (Size: 10.818 Mb)  Hando Video Converter Pro 2.5
Posted by Someone on 20.07.06Buy Cheap software
Hando Video Converter Pro 2.5 info: HandoVideo Converter is a utility to convert various video files to Microsoft Media Video file that can be watched on Pocket PC. It provides a user friendly interface to choose files and set encoding options of the conversion. After you converted the video files, you can copy them to your expansion card to watch on your Pocket PC. Generally, a two hour movie can be compressed to less than 256 MB to fit you expansion card.


Optimized for DVD conversion.

ShyFile - File and Email Security 6.28 (Size: 4.475 Mb)  ShyFile - File and Email Security 6.28
Posted by Someone on 11.07.063D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
ShyFile - File and Email Security 6.28 info: ShyFile will encode your text (txt- and html-files) and packs it into an extra file that is to be attached to an outgoing email or uploaded to a website.
The recipient thereof does not need to have ShyFile installed to be able to decode since any Internet browser will open it and prompt the user to enter the matching key phrase before decoding it.
Easy to handle but most effective email security. ShyFile also encrypts binary files, which require a free demo version of ShyFile...

e-PDF Converter and Creator Printer 2.1 (Size: 6.134 Mb)  e-PDF Converter and Creator Printer 2.1
Posted by Someone on 11.05.06Cheap software
e-PDF Converter and Creator Printer 2.1 info: e-PDF Converter and Creator Printer is a PDF printer driver that can be used to create high-quality and searchable PDF files from any Windows application. e-PDF Converter and Creator Printer installs itself as a virtual Printer.
This enables any Windows applications (printable application) to create professional quality PDF documents easily, Just select the "e-PDF Converter and Creator" Printer and click OK button. ...

Abander TagControl v2.66 (Size: 2.115 Mb)  Abander TagControl v2.66
Posted by Someone on 25.04.06Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Abander TagControl v2.66 info: Abander TagControl is an easy to use and powerful .mp3 .ogg .wma .ape .asf tag editor with lyrics, album art, CDDB, Allmusic.com support.
You can quickly and easily organize your music collection, and complete the tag information for each and every file with all the best tools available.Abander TagControl is an application that edits and organize tags.
Some of these tools include filtering the view of files to work on by file type or all at once, renaming files according to t...

Handy Backup v5.2 (Size: 2.922 Mb)  Handy Backup v5.2
Posted by Someone on 22.04.06Cheap software
Handy Backup v5.2 info: Handy Backup is an easy-to-use program designed for an automatic backup of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media including CD-RW devices and remote FTP servers.
You can use Handy Backup to make a reserve copy of any valuable data on your system. Special addons are provided to facilitate the backup of MS Outlook, system registry and ICQ files. Restoring is as easy as clicking a button, but you can also use a number of advanced options.
The program can be al...

Disk and Registry Alert v2.38 (Size: 0.485 Mb)  Disk and Registry Alert v2.38
Posted by Someone on 19.04.063D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
Disk and Registry Alert v2.38 info: Disk and Registry Alert - easily track, view, and monitor any changes done to your pc. Capture before and after snapshots of both your hard drive and registry, allowing you to monitor and keep track of all files and programs that were added or removed on your system.
Disk and Registry Alert provides a sure way to identify if any viruses or spyware were placed on your system during software installations, and also allows you to make sure all uninstalls have removed the necessary fil...

iMediaCONVERT Standard v3.3.20 (Size: 7.701 Mb)  iMediaCONVERT Standard v3.3.20
Posted by Someone on 06.04.06Adobe CS6 master collection @ Down Cd`s
iMediaCONVERT Standard v3.3.20 info: iMediaCONVERT converts PowerPoint presentations (including sounds) to Flash, and instantly delivers Internet, Intranet, CD-ROM or LMS compatible results, suitable for online distribution or interactive e-learning platforms.
The process of transforming local file presentations into online content is easier, faster and cheaper with iMediaCONVERT than with any other application on the market. With just one click, iMediaCONVERT delivers high-quality multimedia content that can be direct...

GPS Time and Test v1.02 (Size: 0.447 Mb)  GPS Time and Test v1.02
Posted by Someone on 28.03.06Adobe CS6 master collection @ Down Cd`s
GPS Time and Test v1.02 info: GPS Time and Test is a useful PC Clock synchronization application. The program synchronizes a PC Clock to the right time using artificial satellites. It is alternative solution to synchronizing with atomic clock using NTP(SNTP) and Internet.
The program works in the interactive mode or in background. It uses NMEA protocol. $GPZDA or $GPRMC protocol sentences are explored as time source. The program can be used as NMEA and COM port tester. It outputs a port receiving buffer, extrac...

Check and Drive Enterprise v2.40.390 (Size: 4.684 Mb)  Check and Drive Enterprise v2.40.390
Posted by Someone on 22.03.06Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Check and Drive Enterprise v2.40.390 info: Check&Drive is a car expense tracking and fleet management application.
Keep you car in top condition and keep record of as many maintenance objects as you wish.
Extensive possibilities for scheduling events and maintenance actions, Complete overview on all your expenses, Graphical reports as pie/line or bar charts, Free built in Trip Log, Record keeping of all repairs and fuel data, Automatic fuel consumption calculation, Integrated calendar for quick overview on all appointments...

Sandboxie v2.25 (Size: 0.313 Mb)  Sandboxie v2.25
Posted by Someone on 15.03.063D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
Sandboxie v2.25 info: Sandboxie allows you to run your browser, or any other program, so that all changes that result from the usage are kept in a sandbox environment, which can then be deleted later. This allows you to remove traces of your internet or PC activities, as well as reverse any changes to your Favorites, home page, registry and more. Even files that were downloaded during a sandbox session will be wiped after the sandbox is cleared. The program runs in the system tray and if you want to start a ...

Total Commander v6.54 (Size: 1.628 Mb)  Total Commander v6.54
Posted by Someone on 09.02.063D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
Total Commander v6.54 info: Total Commander (former Wincmd) is a file manager for Windows similar to the Windows Explorer. But Total Commander uses a different approach: it has two fixed windows side by side like a well-known file manager for DOS.
Total Commander (formerly know as Wincmd) is an file manager replacement for the Windows Explorer. This is the 32 bit version for Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP. A 16 bit version is also available.
Total Commander handles archives like subdirectories. I...

Handy Address Book v2.1 (Size: 0.644 Mb)  Handy Address Book v2.1
Posted by Someone on 28.01.06Cheap software
Handy Address Book v2.1 info: Address books using a web browser from any platform. You can define users and set permissions, so address books can be shared among multiple users with varying levels of access. Ideal for sharing contacts among multiple users in an office, making a corporate directory available on your web site, networking your address book for access on multiple computers, or making your addresses available no matter where you travel.
Address books are completely customizable, so you can integrate them int...