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Posted by Someone

LiveSync v1.0.0.1020 (Size: 1.371 Mb)  LiveSync v1.0.0.1020
Posted by Someone on 20.11.05Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
LiveSync v1.0.0.1020 info: Synchronize one Palm application with multiple Desktop PC applications by LiveSync!
LiveSync helps the Palm users to synchronize Palm PIM applications, that is, the Contacts(Address Book), Calendar(Date Book), Tasks(Todo List) and Notes(Memo Pad), with multiple Desktop applications, e.g. Palm Desktop, Outlook, and even more.
LiveSync works as a HotSync agent that manage other Palm conduits during the HotSync process.
At first you may need to setup the LiveSync to choose which...

Socrates v1.0.0.1 (Size: 3.060 Mb)  Socrates v1.0.0.1
Posted by Someone on 22.09.053D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
Socrates v1.0.0.1 info: Now that the pleasantries are over we imagine that you would like to know more about just what is Socrates and why is it worth your time to download and try.
Well the short answer is: Socrates is a new and unique way for you to intelligently; and we believe more intuitively, manage your computer's ever growing filebase.
Afterall we all know the frustration of trying to find stuff anymore on harddrives that are gro...

SurfStream v1.0.0.1 (Size: 4.410 Mb)  SurfStream v1.0.0.1
Posted by Someone on 24.05.05Adobe CS6 master collection @ Down Cd`s
SurfStream v1.0.0.1 info: SurfStream is packed with features that will boost your internet experience!
Fully featured proxy server
Banner ad blocker
Popup window blocker
TCP/IP settings optimizer
Connection speed tester
Favorites bookmark manager
Internet time synchronizer
Integrated in Internet Explorer...

DVDComposer v1.0.0.1 BETA (Size: 8.8 Mb)  DVDComposer v1.0.0.1 BETA
Posted by Someone on 19.04.05Cheap software
DVDComposer v1.0.0.1 BETA info: Combine different DVD/VCD into 1 DVD. Create stunning motion menu. Mix widescreen & 4:3 video into 1 DVD (Multi-VTS). Add multiple audio & subtitle tracks (up to 8)....

AnyPhoto Manager 2005 v1.0.0.165 (Size: 8.7 Mb)  AnyPhoto Manager 2005 v1.0.0.165
Posted by Someone on 16.01.05Cheap software
AnyPhoto Manager 2005 v1.0.0.165 info: AnyPhoto Manager is a professional digital photo management software, which can help you acquire, organize, browse, optimize/edit and share your digital photos, not only as a simple photo album software. AnyPhoto Manager will bring you a brand new experience in the fast developing digital multimedia world....

ComputerTime v1.0.0.10 (Size: 3.2 Mb)  ComputerTime v1.0.0.10
Posted by Someone on 23.11.04Cheap software
ComputerTime v1.0.0.10 info: ComputerTime is parental-control software for Microsoft Windows that lets parents set limits on the amount of time and the time of day when their children can use the computer. ...

SuperAdBlocker v1.0.0.1548 (Size: 3.9 Mb)  SuperAdBlocker v1.0.0.1548
Posted by Someone on 17.10.04Buy Cheap software
SuperAdBlocker v1.0.0.1548 info: The first ad-blocker designed to block all new forms of advertising! Blocks all Rich Media, Flash, pop-ups, pop-unders, messenger ads, spyware ads, InVue, slide-in, fly-in ads and more! Block spyware such as Cydoor, Huntbar, Ezula, Sandboxer and more! The only ad-blocker you will ever need! Clear cache, cookies and other history trails to protect your privacy!...

Living Picture Web v1.0.0.11 (Size: 2.4 Mb)  Living Picture Web v1.0.0.11
Posted by Someone on 06.10.04Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 @ Down Cd`s
Living Picture Web v1.0.0.11 info: At last, the opportunity to have your own avatar website host. Take any digital image - human, animal or even an inanimate object such as a cuddly toy or a pint of beer - and manipulate it using the easy-to-use software. Add a voice or sound file and your 3D subject speaks the recorded message. Corporations and consumers alike can create and control their online presence as a serious newsreader, a cartoon personality or a favourite pe...

Living Picture Maker v1.0.0.119 (Size: 2.4 Mb)  Living Picture Maker v1.0.0.119
Posted by Someone on 06.10.04Cheap software
Living Picture Maker v1.0.0.119 info: LivingPictureMaker creates hilarious talking messages that can be sent as greetings, messages or email jokes. Create singing avatars with the LivingPictureVisualisation for Windows Media Player or export self-playing LivingPictures to send to friends and family. LivingPictureMaker includes both the freely distributable Player and Visualisation installer. Bring any photo to life with the addition of music, audio clips or spoken...

Phelios KaiJin v1.0.091004 (Size: 14.7 Mb)  Phelios KaiJin v1.0.091004
Posted by Someone on 13.09.04Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Phelios KaiJin v1.0.091004 info: For too long, genetically modified grown food, and pollution from the ocean and environment created a harmful impact on the natural food chain of Planet Terria. The insects and ocean dwellers mutated in wildly unusual ways and became stronger and more intelligent. Some began to develop brain abnormalities, which resulted in an increased aptitude of 5000% in their IQs. As their new intellect grew, so did their appetite for planet domination. They now feel that Terrians are their Public Enem...

HT VideoEditor 6.0 v1.0.0.1 (Size: 17.257 Mb)  HT VideoEditor 6.0 v1.0.0.1
Posted by Someone on 01.04.04Cheap software
HT VideoEditor 6.0 v1.0.0.1 info: HT Video Editor 6.0 is a powerful piece of video editing software that allows you to create a professional quality video from your personal videos, digital images and audio files. ...

EMS Source Rescuer v1.0.0.1 (Size: 0.969 Mb)  EMS Source Rescuer v1.0.0.1
Posted by Someone on 28.12.03Cheap software
EMS Source Rescuer v1.0.0.1 info: EMS Source Rescuer is an easy-to use wizard application which can help you to restore your lost source code. If you lose your Delphi or C++Builder project sources, but have an executable file, then this tool can rescue part of lost sources. Rescuer produces all project forms and data modules with all assigned properties and events. Produced event procedures don't have a body (it is not a decompiler), but have an address of code in executable file. In most cases Rescuer saves 50-90% of your time ...

Aim At File v1.0.0.183 (Size: 0.373 Mb)  Aim At File v1.0.0.183
Posted by Someone on 21.12.03Cheap software
Aim At File v1.0.0.183 info: AimAtFile Fast File Search is a software tool to find files by their content. It provides content search (full-text search) functionality based on Microsoft Indexing Service included in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It allows to search for files of many types: Microsoft Office Documents, HTML, PDF, Plain Text, etc....

MIDIFixer v1.0.0.1 (Size: 0.846 Mb)  MIDIFixer v1.0.0.1
Posted by Someone on 17.11.033D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
MIDIFixer v1.0.0.1 info: MIDIFixer can change the volume and dynamic range of a MIDI file. If you use your computer to control a MIDI electronic piano or other device, then you may have noticed that some MIDI files have huge inappropriate dynamic ranges for your device. Songs may play too quiet to hear in some spots and too loud in other spots. MIDIFixer will help you smooth out the volume levels in a MIDI file. The velocity of each note is updated automatically based on your desired volume settings. ...