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Plato Video Converter v3.10 (Size: 7.214 Mb)  Plato Video Converter v3.10
Posted by Someone on 13.11.05Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Plato Video Converter v3.10 info: Plato Video Converter is a powerful and easy to use utility for video file conversion.You can convert AVI to MPEG1, MPEG2, DVD, VCD, and SVCD with it,and all media to Divx (MPEG4),also can change the codec/System type between PALand NTSC, between Divx and cinpeak....

Ontrack PowerControls v3.10 Business Edition Retail (Size: 7.748 Mb)  Ontrack PowerControls v3.10 Business Edition Retail
Posted by Someone on 25.08.05Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Ontrack PowerControls v3.10 Business Edition Retail info: Ontrack PowerControls is a simple, yet powerful tool for copying and searching mailbox data directly from Microsoft Exchange Server backups, un-mounted databases (EDB), and Information Store files. Taking advantage of our nearly 20 years of data recovery experience, PowerControls helps storage managers, network administrators, email, and help desk administrators better serve their internal clients. Working with your existing Exchange backup architecture and procedures, PowerControl...

Web Finder v3.10 (Size: 0.507 Mb)  Web Finder v3.10
Posted by Someone on 29.07.053D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
Web Finder v3.10 info: Search web pages FAST!...

Mil Shield v3.1.1028 (Size: 1.612 Mb)  Mil Shield v3.1.1028
Posted by Someone on 03.06.05Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Mil Shield v3.1.1028 info: Your computer keeps extensive information about what you have done, what documents, pictures or video files you have opened and which web sites you have visited. This means that virtually anyone can see what you have been doing on your computer, which raises severe privacy concerns.
Mil Shield 3.1 is the answer of all privacy questions. It protects your privacy by removing all tracks from ...

PCPrivacySoftware Registry Rescue v3.10 (Size: 1.1 Mb)  PCPrivacySoftware Registry Rescue v3.10
Posted by Someone on 05.05.053D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
PCPrivacySoftware Registry Rescue v3.10 info: Registry Rescue scan, removes, and repairs invalid entries, references and links in your Windows registry. Errors in your registry, and stuff left behind by other programs in your registry are one of the main causes of system slow down, computer crashes and lockups, also a potential privacy threats. By repairing errors in the registry your system's performance will ...

River Past Video Slice v3.2.0.41109 (Size: 2 Mb)  River Past Video Slice v3.2.0.41109
Posted by Someone on 12.11.04Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
River Past Video Slice v3.2.0.41109 info: River Past Video Slice is an easy-to-use and fast video trimmer and splitter software for cutting the video to the exact frame for your editing and authoring needs. It provides a preview window with full control, including play, pause, stop, and frame accurate step backward and step forward. ...

River Past Talkative v3.3.0.41109 (Size: 1.6 Mb)  River Past Talkative v3.3.0.41109
Posted by Someone on 12.11.04Adobe CS6 master collection @ Down Cd`s
River Past Talkative v3.3.0.41109 info: River Past Audio Converter is River Past's award winning audio converter and extractor. Convert from almost any audio format to WAV, MP3, WMA, or audio-only AVI. We support a variety of input formats, including the standard WAV, MP3, WMA, AIFF, RealAudio, and the not-so-standard OGG, AIFF, and Unix Audio. Extract audio from the standard AVI, ASF, WMV, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, RealMedia, and the not-so-standard QuickTime MOV and MPEG-4. If the file format exists, we probably support it....

Power Soft Power Notes v3.10 (Size: 0.820 Mb)  Power Soft Power Notes v3.10
Posted by Someone on 29.09.04Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Power Soft Power Notes v3.10 info: The program Power Notes is a multi-featured scheduler, reminder, organizer for Windows allowing you to create electronic stickers and display them when the time is due. The program is very easy to use and has low system requirements. The scheduler stays in the tray and does not interfere with your activities. If necessary, it can be displayed as a small toolbar on the desktop. All the parameters you may need to change are customizable: a sticker can be of any si...

Smart Protector Pro v3.10 (Size: 0.725 Mb)  Smart Protector Pro v3.10
Posted by Someone on 08.09.04Cheap software
Smart Protector Pro v3.10 info: It's nobody's business but yours . . . And don't you want to keep it that way? Right now, Windows is storing hidden records of everything you are doing on the Internet. Do you want your boss, kids, or spouse to see those records? Safeguard your privacy, job, business secrets, and anything else you want to keep private hide your tracks with just one click in Windows with Smart Protector. ...

dayINtray v3.10.92 Multilanguage (Size: 1.03 Mb)  dayINtray v3.10.92 Multilanguage
Posted by Someone on 06.07.04Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
dayINtray v3.10.92 Multilanguage info: dayINtray shows the day as little calendar-pin in your system tray....

Callisto v3.10 (Size: 3.07 Mb)  Callisto v3.10
Posted by Someone on 06.07.04Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Callisto v3.10 info: Callisto will revolutionise the way you browse Bulletin Boards, by presenting the boards and forums you browse into forums of your own definition. You can define rules to find the topics you want to see and send them to the Callisto forum of your choice, and optionally play an alert sound, or even send you an email! ...

K-ML v3.10.279 (Size: 2.10 Mb)  K-ML   v3.10.279
Posted by Someone on 26.05.04Cheap software
K-ML v3.10.279 info: -ML features ... Unlimited number of subscribers, unlimited number of mailing lists. "Customizable" messages. HTML and attachments (Base64 encoded by K-ML for security) Generate a Web page for subscribtion/unsubscribtion. Powerful professional double opt-in (confirmation) script Easy Web Site integration (requires PHP) Automatically fetch new subscribing / unsubscribing (requires a FTP access to a PHP enabled Web server). Supports multiple accounts History record. Can change the priori...

TotalSize v3.10 (Size: 1.046 Mb)  TotalSize v3.10
Posted by Someone on 18.05.04Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
TotalSize v3.10 info: TotalSize provides information about folders size on your hard drive and files size on internet....

WebSpy Sentinel v3.2.1.1076 (Size: 10.51 Mb)  WebSpy Sentinel v3.2.1.1076
Posted by Someone on 09.04.04Cheap software
WebSpy Sentinel v3.2.1.1076 info: If you don't have a device such as a proxy server or firewall that logs your organization's Internet activity, or you want to capture more detailed information about your organization's Internet usage, you need WebSpy Sentinel. Most proxy servers, mail servers and firewalls only record a limited set of details about the information passing through them. Sentinel captures all the data that you are interested in monitoring and more. To view the information that Sentinel captures, you can import i...

MessengerLog3.v3.10 (Size: 0.839 Mb)  MessengerLog3.v3.10
Posted by Someone on 27.03.04Buy Cheap software
MessengerLog3.v3.10 info: "MessengerLog 3" is the new version of the MessengerLog series, it is specially designed for the coming MSN Messenger 6. No doubt MSN Messenger 6 is getting more and more popular with its friendly interface and some newly added functions in which the function of history attracts most attentions. But unfortunately, such a function is too simple to provide us the expected services. Nevertheless, our favorite "MessengerLog 3" compensate this shortage. With its powerful functions and particular desi...

FlexODBC v3.1.10 (Size: 7 Mb)  FlexODBC v3.1.10
Posted by Someone on 09.10.03Buy Cheap software
FlexODBC v3.1.10 info: This driver is a fully functional ODBC driver that can read and write DataFlex version 2.3 and 3.x format files. It requires an ODBC compliant front-end application such as Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Once installed, it will allow these applications to read and write DataFlex files in the same fashion as other SQL data...

DeskTop.Author.v3.5.10 (Size: 12.4 Mb)  DeskTop.Author.v3.5.10
Posted by Someone on 09.10.03Buy Cheap software
DeskTop.Author.v3.5.10 info: DeskTop Author Version 3 NOW delivers the world's first internal calculation engine for ebooks. Not only can you create eBrochures, eBooks and other ePresentations now you can also create quizzes, exams, tests, forms and surveys in minutes. No need for HTML, ASP or other programming knowledge. DeskTop Author Version 3 also includes a variety of templates, buttons, a new multi-select...

PDF Factory Pro 3.10 (Size: 1.473 Mb)  PDF Factory Pro 3.10
Posted by Someone on 22.12.063D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
PDF Factory Pro 3.10 info: pdfFactory is our standard tool for creating PDF files. Our PDF products use a unique approach to PDF creation that is simpler and more effective than other methods. pdfFactory Pro is a software that allows you create PDF files.
pdfFactory PRO is for those that need secure PDFs and other advanced features. This version allows you to encrypt (40 or 128 bit modes) and control access to the PDF file as follows:

prevent copying of text and graphics out of the PDF
prevent pri...

FTPRush (Size: 4.444 Mb)  FTPRush
Posted by Someone on 20.12.06Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
FTPRush info: FTPRush is a fast, reliable, powerful and easy-to-use FTP/FXP client for Microsoft Windows.
FTPRush is a FTP client that allows you to easily transfer files.
FTPRush allows you to transfer files from local to server, server to local or server to server.
FTPRush allows you to fully customize the user interface on the fly. It allows you to create your own scripts to do automatic jobs... It allows you to do a lot of things.
Stay with FTPRush and have fun! ...

010 Editor 2.0.3 (Size: 2.405 Mb)  010 Editor 2.0.3
Posted by Someone on 13.12.06Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 @ Down Cd`s
010 Editor 2.0.3 info: 010 Editor is new generation of hex editor, capable of parsing and editing virtually any binary file.
Unlike traditional hex editors, 010 Editor allows a binary file to be parsed into a data structure that can be understood. 010 Editor features an easy-to-use editor with standard Cut, Copy, and Paste commands.
Files of any size can be instantly loaded, and unlimited Undo and Redo are supported for all editing operations. 010 Editor combines a powerful interface with a number of sophi...