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Posted by Someone

Internet Secure Tunneling v1.5.0.113 (Size: 0.934 Mb)  Internet Secure Tunneling v1.5.0.113
Posted by Someone on 14.11.03Buy Cheap software
Internet Secure Tunneling v1.5.0.113 info: This application allow you to create and manage multiple SSH tunneling or port forwarding. It will be used for forward otherwise insecure TCP traffic through encrypted SSH Secure Shell tunnel. You can secure for example DATABASE, POP3, SMTP and HTTP connections that would otherwise be insecure. ...

SecureFX 4.0.1 (Size: 7.525 Mb)  SecureFX 4.0.1
Posted by Someone on 23.11.06Cheap software
SecureFX 4.0.1 info: SecureFX is a 32-bit WinSock application for Windows 95/98/NT that makes file transfer with FTP easy and secure.
SecureFX lets you choose between SFTP, standard FTP, and secure data transfer with FTP over an encrypted SSH2 connection using the Secure Shell protocol.
SecureFX's SSH2 encryption protects both your login and data transfer the way standard FTP can't. SecureFX has a familiar Windows Explorer interface with predefined sites, a New Site Wizard and customizable file t...

SoftX Secure Notes 2.6 (Size: 0.772 Mb)  SoftX Secure Notes 2.6
Posted by Someone on 01.10.06Adobe CS6 master collection @ Down Cd`s
SoftX Secure Notes 2.6 info: Secure Notes is a Personal Information Manager, or PIM in short, which enables you to organize and securely store your important, personal, and sensitive information in a strongly encrypted (Rijndael) database file. This information will be accessible from your personal computer or your Pocket PC....

SecureCRT 5.1.3 build 281 (Size: 9.067 Mb)  SecureCRT 5.1.3 build 281
Posted by Someone on 11.08.06Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 @ Down Cd`s
SecureCRT 5.1.3 build 281 info: SecureCRT is a Windows terminal emulator that supports Secure Shell (SSH), Telnet, rlogin, serial, and TAPI protocols. SSH provides encrypted login, terminal sessions, and data transfer. SecureCRT is highly customizable and easy to use.
SecureCRT supports both SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. SSH2 support provides AES, 3DES, RC4, Blowfish, and Twofish ciphers, with password authentication, public-key authentication, and Kerberos v5 authentication via GSSAPI.
Port forwarding allows red...

Foxit Secure KoalaTerm v4.4 (Size: 0.451 Mb)  Foxit Secure KoalaTerm v4.4
Posted by Someone on 22.07.06Cheap software
Foxit Secure KoalaTerm v4.4 info: Secure KoalaTerm also supports fully secured access to SSH1 and SSH2 servers. It uses strong encryption and digital signatures to protect your connection with the host over un-trusted networks, like the Internet. It also includes all the wonderful terminal emulation featured provided by KoalaTerm....

Cypherix Secure IT v3.1.7 (Size: 2.724 Mb)  Cypherix Secure IT v3.1.7
Posted by Someone on 06.05.06Buy Cheap software
Cypherix Secure IT v3.1.7 info: Secure IT is an compression and encryption program that offers 448 bit encryption and very high compression.
Open source secure algorithm - Secure IT uses a non-proprietary, open source, public domain encryption algorithm, Blowfish, at a key strength of 448 bits. Blowfish is one of the strongest cryptographic algorithms in existence. Also supports AES encryption algorithm, the new official US government standard.
Built in file shredder - When files are deleted within the standa...

Secure Token v2.6.0 (Size: 2.433 Mb)  Secure Token v2.6.0
Posted by Someone on 19.04.063D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
Secure Token v2.6.0 info: SecureToken is a SSH1/SSH2 client with an Internet Explorer style address bar that also supports a wide variety of traditional communication protocols such as telnet, rlogin, direct COM port and modem. For SSH related tasks, SecureToken includes easy to use scp compatible application and port forward manager that can be used to transfer files or reroute normal connections through an encrypted channel....

SecureCRT v5.1 (Size: 9.126 Mb)  SecureCRT v5.1
Posted by Someone on 12.03.06Adobe CS6 master collection @ Down Cd`s
SecureCRT v5.1 info: SecureCRT protects your passwords, user accounts, and data, combining rock-solid terminal emulation with the strong encryption, broad authentication options, and data integrity of the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol.
SecureCRT provides versatile solutions for a wide range of business, network management, information security, and development tasks, from accessing host-based applications and administering servers to securely accessing behind-the-firewall network resources like e-mail, fil...

Secure Reminder v6.5 (Size: 3.468 Mb)  Secure Reminder v6.5
Posted by Someone on 18.02.06Buy Cheap software
Secure Reminder v6.5 info: Secure Reminder - desktop reminder and scheduler software for Windows. Secure Reminder can serve as desktop reminder software, task and event scheduler, personal information organizer and password manager:

Daily Reminder software - you can set alarm for each note to be reminded about daily tasks or special dates and events such as birthdays, anniversaries and business meetings at the appointed time. Secure Reminder also keeps you informed of the events you missed when the comput...

SecureCRT v5.0.4 (Size: 5.900 Mb)  SecureCRT v5.0.4
Posted by Someone on 14.11.05Cheap software
SecureCRT v5.0.4 info: SecureCRT is an extremely customizable terminal emulator for internet and intranet use with support for Secure Shell (SSH1 and SSH2) as well as Telnet and RLogin protocols. SecureCRT is ideal for connecting to remote systems running Windows, UNIX, and VMS. Secure file transfer can be accomplished using the included VCP command-line application....

Secure File Vault v1.0 (Size: 2.079 Mb)  Secure File Vault v1.0
Posted by Someone on 12.10.05Buy Cheap software
Secure File Vault v1.0 info: Secure File Vault is a file and folder locker software incorporating 128 bit encryption techniques. This data encryption software not only locks your 'Content Sensitive' files and folders quickly and professionally using 128-bit Thayer encryption, but also makes it unable for others to view or use them without your consent....

VanDyke SecureFX v3.0.3 (Size: 4.498 Mb)  VanDyke SecureFX v3.0.3
Posted by Someone on 16.09.05Buy Cheap software
VanDyke SecureFX v3.0.3 info: SecureFX is a high-security file transfer client with great flexibility in configuration and transfer protocols. SecureFX includes a command-line utility for scripting batch jobs to perform secure unattended file transfers using the Secure Shell protocol (SSH). SecureFX also supports "relentless" file transfers that automatically reconnect and resume when transfer connections are broken. ...

Secure Clean PC v2.1 (Size: 1.177 Mb)  Secure Clean PC v2.1
Posted by Someone on 30.08.05Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 @ Down Cd`s
Secure Clean PC v2.1 info: When you work on your computer it records the information traces of all your actions which may be used against you. When you log in next time, you don't need to type again the user names, passwords, credit card information, and so on. The information that you may consider as confidential is kept on your computer unprotected and may be recovered by people with some minimal computer knowledge. Possibly, your collaborators or boss would like to access private information, that may even affect you w...

PowerTCP Secure FTP for .NET v2.3.1 (Size: 3.829 Mb)  PowerTCP Secure FTP for .NET v2.3.1
Posted by Someone on 04.08.05Adobe CS6 master collection @ Down Cd`s
PowerTCP Secure FTP for .NET v2.3.1 info: Fill the email security gaps in the Microsoft .NET Framework with encryption and authentication, plus get fullfeatured SMTP, POP, IMAP, and MIME capability. The powerful bidirectional MessageStream technology lets you easily create, send, retrieve, and edit messages while helper classes assist you in managing your email addresses. Complex HTML messages can be created with just one line of code. Easily switch between no securit...

CD Secure 2.0 (Size: 1.6 Mb)  CD Secure 2.0
Posted by Someone on 28.04.05Buy Cheap software
CD Secure 2.0 info: CD Secure prevents pirated copying and unapproved accessing your sensitive files and data in compact disk. CD Piracy is main threat to most CD publisher. For example, IFPI reports that Music CD piracy remains a huge US$4.5 billion illegal business. To personal user that records date in CD, unapproved accessing aloes threatens the sensitive data. CD Secure also provider tools to make CD image file and burn CD image file to CD. It is a good choice to hold it now....

File Securer v3.71 (Size: 1.43 Mb)  File Securer v3.71
Posted by Someone on 11.02.05Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
File Securer v3.71 info: File Securer is a powerful tool designed to protect your sensitive folders and personal files. With strong security File Securer embeds protection into the Windows system kernel, both in command and window modes. With exceptional ease of use File Securer lets you lock your folders and files anywhere. The locking and unlocking object functions are integrated into the system pop menu. It's easy to select an object, right-click the mouse, and ...

File Securer v3.63 (Size: 1.4 Mb)  File Securer v3.63
Posted by Someone on 10.01.05Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 @ Down Cd`s
File Securer v3.63 info: File Securer is a powerful tool designed to protect your sensitive folder and personal file. With strong security, File Securer embeds the protect into windows system kernel, both on command mode and window mode, all work professionally. With exceptional easy of use, File Securer let you be enabled to lock your folder and file any where. The locking and unlocking object function are integrated with system pop menu. It's so easy, selecting object, clicking right...

Bitvise Tunnelier v3.28d (Size: 4.6 Mb)  Bitvise Tunnelier v3.28d
Posted by Someone on 11.11.04Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Bitvise Tunnelier v3.28d info: Tunnelier is our SSH client for Windows which incorporates the following components: * state-of-the-art terminal emulation with support for the bvterm, xterm, and vt100 protocols; * an FTP-to-SFTP bridge allowing you to connect to an SFTP server using legacy FTP applications; ...

True Vine Inet Secure v3.1 (Size: 1.3 Mb)  True Vine Inet Secure v3.1
Posted by Someone on 05.09.043D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
True Vine Inet Secure v3.1 info: Inet Secure is a tool, which deletes your internet traces. It doesen't matter, if you use the Internet Explorer from Microsoft, Netscape Explorer or Opera. Just select the the traces on the tab and every trace, which could making problems will be deleted. You also can delete the traces on windows startup. The settings are completely seperated from the settings you've made in the main mask. ...

File Securer v3.53 (Size: 1.30 Mb)  File Securer v3.53
Posted by Someone on 15.05.04Adobe CS6 master collection @ Down Cd`s
File Securer v3.53 info: File Securer is a powerful tool designed to protect your sensitive folder and personal file. With strong security, File Securer embeds the protect into windows system kernel, both on command mode and window mode, all work professionally. With exceptional easy of use, File Securer let you be enabled to lock your folder and file any where. The locking and unlocking object function are integrated with system pop menu. It's so easy, selecting object, clicking right button of the ...