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  Atlantis Word Processor v1.6.1.1 (Size: 3.854 Mb)  Atlantis Word Processor v1.6.1.1
Posted by Someone on 05.03.06                Cheap software
  Atlantis Word Processor v1.6.1.1 info: Atlantis is an innovative, no-nonsense word processor carefully designed with the end-user in mind. Compact, fast-loading, but still powerful and efficient, Atlantis will be the perfect companion for a wide range of your word processing tasks, - from simple to most complex.
It does not matter if you are a novice or a power user, Atlantis has the tools you will ever need to compose highly professional documents. Using a most original and practical Control Board, you will create and m...

  IERescuer v1.2.18 (Size: 0.282 Mb)  IERescuer v1.2.18
Posted by Someone on 25.07.05                Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
  IERescuer v1.2.18 info: IERescuer is a useful utility that extends the capabilities of your Internet Explorer browser. It enables you to continue working on the page or pages that were closed last time, even if your Internet Explorer or Windows crashed.
Start with the pages you had open when the browser was last closed. Reopen closed windows. Don't trouble yourself about filling in the forms on the page again and aga...

  BSplayer Pro v1.30.818 Keymaker Only (Size: 0.006 Mb)  BSplayer Pro v1.30.818 Keymaker Only
Posted by Someone on 06.07.05                Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
  BSplayer Pro v1.30.818 Keymaker Only info: BSplayer is a Windows î player that plays back all kinds of media files ( avi / mpg / asf / wmv / wav / mp3...) and specialises in video and divx playback....

  xStarter v1.63 DataCode 20050518 (Size: 2.031 Mb)  xStarter v1.63 DataCode 20050518
Posted by Someone on 03.06.05                Adobe CS6 master collection @ Down Cd`s
  xStarter v1.63 DataCode 20050518 info: With xStarter you can:
* Perform any file operations
* Use extended task scheduler
* Safely store data
* Monitor files and folders changes
* Record and play back Windows macros
* Synchronize folders
* Work with email, files via FTP and HTTP
* Launch programs by task scheduler
* Get free lifetime updates...

  Ace DVD Audio Extractor v1.2.18 (Size: 1.4 Mb)   Ace DVD Audio Extractor v1.2.18
Posted by Someone on 06.03.05                Buy Cheap software
  Ace DVD Audio Extractor v1.2.18 info: Ace DVD Audio Extractor is a powerful and easy to use DVD audio extracting/ripping tool.It enables you to extract DVD Audio Tracks and save them into the most popular audio formats -- MP3,WAV,WMA. It provides you a simple and fast mothod to extract DVD Audio Tracks.Just severial clicks,you are able to grab DVD Audio Tracks and save them into MP3,WAV,WMA files....

  TimeTraveler v1.1.1854 (Size: 0.727 Mb)  TimeTraveler v1.1.1854
Posted by Someone on 21.01.05                Buy Cheap software
  TimeTraveler v1.1.1854 info: TimeTraveler is a multipurpose PC clock application that can show the current time in many different locations. Any number of alarm clocks, stopwatches, and countdown timers can be simultaneously displayed. Each can display the current time, elapsed time, remaining time, date, or location in a variety of customizable formats. A Time Converter allows conversion between times and dates in any of the many built-in or custom time zones. The user can select between many ...

  Kaspersky Anti-Hacker v1.7.130.0 (Size: 6.1 Mb)  Kaspersky Anti-Hacker v1.7.130.0
Posted by Someone on 03.12.04                Buy Cheap software
  Kaspersky Anti-Hacker v1.7.130.0 info: Kaspersky Lab, a leading vendor of secure content management solutions, announces the release of a new version of the personal firewall, Kaspersky« Anti-Hacker 1.7. This new release contains a host of upgrades in comparison with the previous version....

  ImToo DVD Audio Ripper v1.0.30.1018 (Size: 0.983 Mb)  ImToo DVD Audio Ripper v1.0.30.1018
Posted by Someone on 26.10.04                Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 @ Down Cd`s
  ImToo DVD Audio Ripper v1.0.30.1018 info: software DVD soundtrack ripper which can extract sound tracks from DVDs and save them as MP3 or WAV format. DVD Audio Ripper has fast ripping speed which exceeds your expectation saves your time greatly. The concise interface ensures you can use it with ease even for the first time. Helps you extract complete music info from DVD and provides you luxuriant sound effects....

  AntiTracer v1.3 (Size: 1.1 Mb)  AntiTracer v1.3
Posted by Someone on 28.07.04                Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 @ Down Cd`s
  AntiTracer v1.3 info: AntiTracer software allows youto relax while you surf the Internet,and after you are done.This ultimate privacy solutionis tailored to your needs. AntiTracer. No trace. No chase....

  AntiTracer v1.3 (Size: 1.1 Mb)  AntiTracer v1.3
Posted by Someone on 27.07.04                Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
  AntiTracer v1.3 info: AntiTracer software allows you to relax while you surf the Internet, and after you are done. This ultimate privacy solution is tailored to your needs....

  Anti Tracer v1.0 (Size: 1.3 Mb)  Anti Tracer v1.0
Posted by Someone on 25.06.04                Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
  Anti Tracer v1.0 info: AntiTracer software allows you to relax while you surf the Internet, and after you are done. This ultimate privacy solution is tailored to your needs....

  IMagic Inventory v1.18 (Size: 11 Mb)  IMagic Inventory v1.18
Posted by Someone on 12.05.04                Buy Cheap software
  IMagic Inventory v1.18 info: Managing inventory has never been as easy! iMagic Inventory lets you take full control of your inventory and invoicing. Save time, manage customers and get one step ahead of your competition with this inventory control software....

  IsoBuster Pro v1.6.0.18 (Size: 3.732 Mb)  IsoBuster Pro v1.6.0.18
Posted by Someone on 29.04.04                Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 @ Down Cd`s
  IsoBuster Pro v1.6.0.18 info: Rescue lost files from a bad or trashed CD or DVD ! Save important documents, precious pictures from the family, your only system backup, ... IsoBuster can do it all ! Also at IsoBuster features: - Data recovery from CD and DVD. - Better Error handling and several retry-mechanisms to aid you in getting the data anyway. - The use of both generic and alternative ways to get to the data, get the best out of your CD/DVD-ROM drive. - The use of secondary file-systems t...

  ACe Video Workshop v1.4.18 (Size: 2.4 Mb)  ACe Video Workshop v1.4.18
Posted by Someone on 26.04.04                3D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
  ACe Video Workshop v1.4.18 info: Join and convert avi files or mpeg files to a large VCD/DVD/SVCD compliant mpeg file for burning to VCD/DVD that can be played on VCD players and DVD players....

  Anti -Trojan Shield v1.4.0.1 (Size: 4.40 Mb)  Anti -Trojan Shield v1.4.0.1
Posted by Someone on 21.04.04                Adobe CS6 master collection @ Down Cd`s
  Anti -Trojan Shield v1.4.0.1 info: The purpose of Anti-Trojan Shield is to detect and fix a problem by removing Trojan horses completely. Wide variety of settings, intuitive interface, and a huge Trojan definitions database make the program one of the best in its field....

  Antimatter Game v1.0 (Size: 0.548 Mb)  Antimatter Game v1.0
Posted by Someone on 24.02.04                Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
  Antimatter Game v1.0 info: Clean up the AntiMatter debris left behind after one of Dr. Hex’s radioactive experiments. Drop colored hexagons or “Hex Matter” to connect 3 or more of a similar color to eliminate the matching hex matter. Chain reactions occur when hex matter is eliminated and the higher hexes fall down in their place. This collapse can cause new reactions, resulting in the elimination of more hex matter and the accumulation of more points. ...

  Ahead NeroMix v1.4.0.18 (Size: 8.82 Mb)  Ahead NeroMix v1.4.0.18
Posted by Someone on 08.02.04                3D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
  Ahead NeroMix v1.4.0.18 info: NeroMIX goes above and beyond an all-in-one CD recording solution, transforming your computer into the ultimate recording studio that utilizes Nero’s powerful burning engine. With the cool CD Recording and Digital Audio Suite, you can: * transfer and burn music on CD * use the Cover Designer to print labels and playlists! * pick the "look"of the media player, while you play back music and videos! * Mix your tracks, add effects and use the EQ like a pro! * Organise your music how you lik...

  Ahead Nero Media Player v1.4.0.18 (Size: 6.18 Mb)  Ahead Nero Media Player v1.4.0.18
Posted by Someone on 08.02.04                Adobe CS6 master collection @ Down Cd`s
  Ahead Nero Media Player v1.4.0.18 info: The Nero Media Player, specialized in playing back audio data, offers a large range of functions and effects for the perfect reproduction of audio CDs, MP3, MP4, WMA, AIFF, WAV files etc....

  Aim At File v1.0.0.183 (Size: 0.373 Mb)  Aim At File v1.0.0.183
Posted by Someone on 21.12.03                Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 @ Down Cd`s
  Aim At File v1.0.0.183 info: AimAtFile Fast File Search is a software tool to find files by their content. It provides content search (full-text search) functionality based on Microsoft Indexing Service included in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It allows to search for files of many types: Microsoft Office Documents, HTML, PDF, Plain Text, etc....

  Anti Cut And Paste v1.0 (Size: 0.8 Mb)  Anti Cut And Paste v1.0
Posted by Someone on 12.12.03                3D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
  Anti Cut And Paste v1.0 info: AntiCutAndPaste is designed to search for text fragments that have been copied and pasted in programming language source code or plain text. It is tested on sources from large C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, and C# projects. Not only are the results surprising with publicly available sources (samples) but you will also be surprised with what AntiCutAndPaste will find within your own projects (awards). AntiCutAndPaste takes little time to dow...