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Windows VISTA, Office 2010 Ultimate, Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus, Norton SystemWorks 2011 Premier, 3ds max 2011, Adobe Creative Suite CS5, AutoCAD 2011, etc.

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Posted by Someone

Photocopier Pro 3.04 (Size: 1.457 Mb)  Photocopier Pro 3.04
Posted by Someone on 20.12.063D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
Photocopier Pro 3.04 info: Got a scanner and a printer? Why not combine the two into a copier? You no longer need a Xerox if you have Photocopier. This is how it goes: insert a document into your scanner, start Photocopier and press its Copy button.
Photocopier Pro is a software that allows you copy documents.
After a few moments your printer produces a copy of the document. That's it. No difficult settings to make, it's very user friendly....

Flash4D Professional Edition 5. (Size: 8.681 Mb)  Flash4D Professional Edition 5.
Posted by Someone on 19.12.06Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Flash4D Professional Edition 5. info: Flash4D Professional Edition is a powerful Windows software that makes it easy to create Flash web site intros in minutes.
Without knowing how to program, and without hiring a programmer, you can use Flash4D Pro's step-by-step approach to create a professional Flash movie that you can use online or offline.
Choose one of the 18 built-in designs, and customize it to your taste with your own text. Once you have selected your template and customized it, Flash4D Pro lets you save yo...

Digital ObjectRescue Pro 4.4 (Size: 1.776 Mb)  Digital ObjectRescue Pro 4.4
Posted by Someone on 13.12.06Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Digital ObjectRescue Pro 4.4 info: Digital ObjectRescue Professional recover lost data from whole host of multimedia devices - from digital cameras, audio recorders, MP3 & WMA players to PC, PDAs and mobile phones.
Program support recovery from Hard Drives, CompactFlash cards (type I/II), IBM Microdrives, SmartMedia cards, MultiMedia cards (MMCs), Secure Digital (SD) cards and Memory Sticks, and any other storage device with the addition of wide range file format support: DOC, XLS, ZIP, RAR, JPEG, AVI, MOV, MP3, WMA, WAV, e...

Audio Editor Pro 2.40 (Size: 8.712 Mb)  Audio Editor Pro 2.40
Posted by Someone on 09.12.06Adobe CS6 master collection @ Down Cd`s
Audio Editor Pro 2.40 info: Audio Editor Pro is a multi-functional audio editor that will allow you to perform various operations with your audio files, including filtering, audio effects, format conversion and more.
It displays a waveform image of the audio files and allows you to visually edit it (Cut, Copy, Delete Silence, Paste, Paste From File, Mix, Mix From File).
The program includes more than 20 sound effects and 6 filters. You can record new audio from your microphone or any other input source, in...

ProgDVB 4.80.2 (Size: 3.868 Mb)  ProgDVB 4.80.2
Posted by Someone on 18.11.063D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
ProgDVB 4.80.2 info: ProgDVB - software which allows you to watch SAT-Television and listen to Radio channels directly from satellite by using DVB-PCI cards with hardware decoders on the board, SAT-dish, and personal x86-compatible computers with MicrosoftR Windows98, 2000, XP Operating Systems properly installed.
ProgDVB is a very useful application for those who want to watch television shows and programs on their computer.
ProgDVB has options for working with network broadcasting and Audio/Video ...

H264 WebCam Pro 2.01 (Size: 5.398 Mb)  H264 WebCam Pro 2.01
Posted by Someone on 17.11.06Cheap software
H264 WebCam Pro 2.01 info: H264 WebCam Pro is a 16-channel h264 remote video camera surveillance software for Windows. This software has unique H264 User Name mode to manage dynamic ip address on internet. It has advanced video motion detection algorithm, various alert functions including Email, FTP, and sound. It can handle up to 16-channels video input and 16-channels of audio input, captures images up to 30 frames per second from USB and analog cameras, TV boards, capture cards etc. It uses H264 video encoder...

Video Cleaner Pro 7.0.4 (Size: 6.335 Mb)  Video Cleaner Pro 7.0.4
Posted by Someone on 07.11.06Cheap software
Video Cleaner Pro 7.0.4 info: River Past Video Cleaner is River Past's award winning video converter software.
With years of experience in video editing, we understand some of the common issues when people try to move their loved home video to a modern media like DVD or VCD. There are many different video formats. Different video software may handle them differently, and often, a video clip plays fine in one application but won't play or play out of sync in another.
River Past Video Cleaner uses standard Micr...

Shareview Professional 4.5 (Size: 2.626 Mb)  Shareview Professional 4.5
Posted by Someone on 05.11.06Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Shareview Professional 4.5 info: Shareview is the complete network assistant solution, which consists of a monitor of network connections to your computer, firewall, network utils, a shared resources manager, some features and a traffic monitor that make tough operation ridiculously simple. ...

SilverFast DCPro Studio 6.4.4r6 (Size: - Mb)  SilverFast DCPro Studio 6.4.4r6
Posted by Someone on 04.11.06Cheap software
SilverFast DCPro Studio 6.4.4r6 info: SilverFast DCPro will support the Raw Data Formats for many professional digital cameras from Canon, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Kodak, Fuji to Sigma.
The SilverFast DCPro high-end Digital Camera Software addresses the specific needs of the digital photographer. The application combines the unlimited functionality of SilverFastAi with the unique Virtual Light Table.
The Virtual Light Table provides the user with the capability to effectively view, organize and manage their digital...

Kirby Alarm Pro 4.42 (Size: 6.549 Mb)  Kirby Alarm Pro 4.42
Posted by Someone on 31.10.06Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Kirby Alarm Pro 4.42 info: Kirby Alarm is an alarm clock and task scheduler that performs a variety of useful functions automatically and reliably. Various options are available to set alarms (or programs) to run every few minutes, hours, days, months, years, or the last Friday in the month, or the last day in the month. Plus lots more!!. ...

Global Network Inventory 1.4 (Size: 6.762 Mb)  Global Network Inventory 1.4
Posted by Someone on 29.10.06Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Global Network Inventory 1.4 info: Global Network Inventory is a useful , powerful and flexible software and hardware inventory system utility that can be used as an audit scanner in an agent-free and zero deployment environments. If used as an audit scanner, it only requires full administrator rights to the remote computers you wish to scan. Global Network Inventory can audit remote computers and even network appliances, including hubs, network printers, document centers, etc.
Global Network Inventory agent can also be depl...

UltraCompare Professional 4.10a (Size: 5.837 Mb)  UltraCompare Professional 4.10a
Posted by Someone on 05.10.063D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
UltraCompare Professional 4.10a info: Powerful Compare/Merge for Text/Binary Files & Folders. Drag/drop of folders/files to be compared or direct entry.UltraCompare Professional is a tool that allows you to compare and merge text files....

Capturix NetWorks 4.06.170 (Size: 4.282 Mb)  Capturix NetWorks 4.06.170
Posted by Someone on 26.09.063D Studio Max 2013 @ Down Cd`s
Capturix NetWorks 4.06.170 info: NETWorks is a network tool that will allow you to diagnose and test all common problems from any network.
It brings a group of very useful tools such as System Information that can show all information related with a specific network card or connection, Speed Meter, Route Information, IP config, Send Mail, Port Scanner with port description that have thousands of Trojans port information and almost all protocols used for each port, Trace Route, Ping, command Tester, HTTP server, DN...

All Media To MP3 Converter Pro 4.2 (Size: 3.588 Mb)  All Media To MP3 Converter Pro 4.2
Posted by Someone on 04.09.06Office 2010 With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
All Media To MP3 Converter Pro 4.2 info: You need to convert your video and audio files to Mp3, Wma and Wave format, but you have tired to start audio conversion utility every time? Try to use our Newlive All To MP3 Converter. It supports the following format: Avi(Xvid, Divx, Mpeg4), Mpeg1/2, Mpg, Mpe, Mpa, Rm, Rmvb, Ra, Mov, Qt, Dat, Vob, VCD, DVD, Wmv, Asf, Wma, Wave and Mp3.

Convert AVI(Divx, Xvid, Mpeg4) to Mp3, Wma and Wave format.
Convert Mpeg1/2 to Mp3, Wma and Wave format.
Convert VCD and DVD to Mp3, Wma a...

ViewCompanion Pro 4.10 (Size: 2.387 Mb)  ViewCompanion Pro 4.10
Posted by Someone on 01.09.06Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 @ Down Cd`s
ViewCompanion Pro 4.10 info: ViewCompanion Pro is a program that can view, convert, markup and print HPGL, HPGL/2, TIFF, CALS, BMP, JPEG and PNG image files. You can also export the loaded file into one of the following formats:

Adobe PDF
Adobe Postscript
AutoDesk DWF
Autodesk DXF
CALS Group 4 Raster
CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile)
Gerber RS-274X
JPEG Raster
Paintbrush PCX
PNG Raster
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
TIFF Raster
Windows Metafile
Windows Bitm...

X-NetStat Professional 5.49 (Size: 1.761 Mb)  X-NetStat Professional 5.49
Posted by Someone on 03.08.06Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 @ Down Cd`s
X-NetStat Professional 5.49 info: X-NetStat Professional will display information on all your current Internet and network connections in a graphical interface.
X-NetStat displays information on your current Internet and network connections, much like the console netstat.exe program, but in a graphical interface.
Fresh Software has been improving X-NetStat for the last 7 years based on user feedback. With a smart graphical user interface, a rich feature set, and innovative concepts, X-NetStat Professional is critical t...

AVD Video Processor 7.4.5 (Size: 1.337 Mb)  AVD Video Processor 7.4.5
Posted by Someone on 30.07.06Adobe CS6 master collection @ Down Cd`s
AVD Video Processor 7.4.5 info: AVD Video Processor is a video file convertor that exports AVI files to create animated GIF file, receive separate frame of a video file and various effects.
For creation animated GIF offers a choice of frames range, frame size and sample with the certain step. For reception of separate frames offers a choice of frames range and color mode. AVD Video Processor is a software that allows you to convert video files.
With "smooth conversion" effect is made of smooth transition from one im...

All Media To Mp3 Converter Pro 4.1 (Size: 3.588 Mb)  All Media To Mp3 Converter Pro 4.1
Posted by Someone on 29.07.06Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 @ Down Cd`s
All Media To Mp3 Converter Pro 4.1 info: All Media To Mp3 converter Pro will convert all the video and audio files to the Mp3 , Wma and Wave format.
It supports Avi(Divx,Xvid, Mpeg4), Mpeg, Real, Mov, Wav, Wma, Wmv,Vcd and Dvd to Mp3.
You need to convert your video and audio files to Mp3, Wma and Wave format, but you have tired to start audio conversion utility every time? Try to use our Newlive All To MP3 Converter.
It supports the following format: Avi(Xvid, Divx, Mpeg4), Mpeg1/2, Mpg, Mpe, Mpa, Rm, Rmvb, Ra, Mo...

MuPAD Pro 4 (Size: 106.768 Mb)  MuPAD Pro 4
Posted by Someone on 21.07.06Cheap software
MuPAD Pro 4 info: an integrated, but open mathematical problem solving environment, also known as computer algebra system (CAS), for exact symbolic and numeric computing with arbitrary precision.
The MuPAD Pro input and programming language has a Pascal-like syntax and allows imperative, functional, as well as object-oriented programming.
Its concept of domains and categories corresponds to object-oriented classes and supports overloading of methods and operators, inheritance, and generic ...

The Cleaner Professional 4.2 (Size: 4.863 Mb)  The Cleaner Professional 4.2
Posted by Someone on 20.07.06Buy Cheap software
The Cleaner Professional 4.2 info: The Cleaner Professional is designed to keep your computer and data safe from Trojans, Worms, Keyloggers, Spyware and many other types of malware. It actively monitors files and processes on your computer and intercepts Trojans as soon as they are detected. In addition, the TCMonitor keeps track of registry keys, files and folders and alerts you if changes are detected. Additional features include quarantine options, scheduled scans, Explorer integration and more. The Cleaner is not in...